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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Fun

So we've been a little lax lately and haven't been keeping up on the weekly posts, and when we do, they're late. . . .but hey, there's about 3 people that will be happy we're posting at all.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Jon's been working a ton of hours and is never home these days.   This last week, he had some back to back trips where he'd only be home for 10 hours, then go right back out, and sad for us, it was at night, so we only got to see him for an hour or two.  Thank goodness it slowed down a little now during the week, so he's been home all day today.  The kids really miss him while he's gone, especially if they're being naughty and I have to get after them, then they beg for their dad.

We took the kids to the dentist a few days back. The dentist announced that the kids could get an extra prize if they came in dressed in their costumes, so off we went.  Noah as Spiderman and Tayton as Minnie Mouse.  They loved dressing up.  Noah did great at the dentist.  He didn't really like the cleaning part, but he did good. . . and no issues.  Tayton on the other hand was not tolerating the cleaning, so we just let them look at her teeth to make sure all was well.  At her age, it's all about just getting them use to the dentist, so it worked out alright.

Jon's mom (aka Bowling Grandma) came for a visit last week.  She just came up for the day, but we enjoyed having her.  Sad to say, on her way home, she got in a wreck.  Thank goodness no one was hurt, but I don't think the car is salvageable. At least the view dropping Grandma off was good.

On one of his days home last week, Jon took the kids to the park.  It was one of those great days that was warm and sunny.  We love the fall air, the leaves, the cooler temperatures.  We love Fall!  The kids had a great time and love that Dad takes them to do fun things.

On Saturday, I took the kids again to Home Depot for their Kids Workshops.  We love doing this.  Noah loves doing art projects and these are some amazing ones.  Last time it was cars and trucks, this time Noah chose a toolbox and Tayton chose a heart basket/box.  Very fun.  The only thing not good about it was that Tayton fell before we left the house, so she had this big fat lip and was a little ornery the rest of the day.  That poor girl falls more than anyone I know.  Poor little bug!  But we had fun.  I got one good picture in before the kids hollered at me.

Despite Jon's long hours and horrible, non-existent schedule, we've been lucky to have him home for the important things. .. . birthdays, etc.  This last week, Jon was lucky enough to be able to attend a boy scout camp as the Scoutmaster.  They camped out on the east bench and had a good time.  The boys practiced with crossbows, knifes, etc.  They enjoyed cooking over a fire.  Jon's favorite new food was how they wrapped biscuits around a wooden dowel, baked a biscuit bowl, filled it with pudding and topped it off with whip cream.  Jon looks forward to the day when he gets to do more of these kind of camp outs with the kids!  

There here's a few of our other random fun shots from the week.
Painting crafts from Grandma

Little vacuum helpers

Ready for church

Fun at the "Squishy Toys"

Fun at Costco

Noah Selfie


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures & the stories! They are growing too fast! Love those Grandbabies!

jon said...

Awesome! Another great blog!